smartes Türschloss mit Haustür

A smart home needs a smart front door.

The Homematic IP Door Lock Drive transforms existing door locks into smart doors and turns your smartphone into a digital key, you never have to be locked out again. But wait, it gets better: It is also very easy to set up access authorisations for your loved ones or even the babysitter. Regardless of whether this is permanent or only for a specific time - you can decide who has access to your house and when.

Opening, unlocking, locking - very easy via the Homematic IP app, with the key ring remote or with your regular key.

Using the time-controlled door locking feature, you don't have to worry about whether or not you really locked the door overnight. If desired, the door can also re-close automatically after each opening, giving you not only protection but also peace of mind!

Create your own access authorisations and you decide who gets access and when!

  • Smart door lock, added comfort.

    The Homematic IP Door Lock Drive turns your smartphone into a smart key. The smart lock that locks automatically and closes reliably when you want it to.

  • Lost your key? No worries.

    No copying, no locksmith The door can be opened at any time via the free app or via the practical remote control.

  • Always safe and protected.

    We do not collect any personal data and are certified by VDE for our protocol, IT and data security. The end-to-end encryption principle is used at Homematic IP.

  • Keeping an eye on the front door.

    You always know whether your door is locked or unlocked in conjunction with the app and the access point.

  • Easy

    The installation is extremely simple - no drilling or screwing. The lock cannot be seen from the outside.

  • Access at specified times.

    You can easily define individual access profiles for family, cleaners, home care services or even holiday guests.

Homematic IP Door Lock Drive

Control the door to your smart home easily via the Homematic IP app, the key ring remote control (access) or with your regular key.

Individual door settings are possible due to the time-controlled locking and unlocking as well as the customisable access authorisations.

The installation is extremely simple - no drilling or screwing. The door lock drive is not visible from the outside.

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Key Ring Remote Control – access control

The radio remote control operates the Homematic IP Door Lock Drive via three, preset buttons for unlocking, locking and opening the door. An additional button can be used to control the lights, e.g. in the entrance area.

Each remote control can be assigned its own profile due to customisable access authorisations. For example, family members, cleaners or home care service providers can only access the house at specific times.

Further information about the product

Naturally, home safety is an important issue for you as well as for us.

That's why the same high security standard that we use for our entire system is also used for our smart lock. This standard has been certified for several years by testing institutes such as VDE and AV-Test. This ensures that your home remains what it should be - a place of safety and retreat.



VDE-certified protocol, IT and data security.

The smart door lock can be upgraded at any time with more than 100 products from our range or easily integrated into your existing system.

1: Easily open the door remotely.


Your visitors have arrived earlier than expected and are now waiting at the door? No worries. You can easily open the front door remotely via your smartphone and let your visitors into the house.

You can let in tradespeople to complete a quick job or open the door for your neighbour to see if everything is OK, e.g. when the Homematic IP water sensor triggered an alarm while you are on holiday.

2: Planning controlled access in advance.


Thanks to the numerous customisable authorizations, you can manage access to your smart home however you want, for whomever you want, for any day of the week and for any time. Whether its your child coming home from school, a cleaning service coming by two mornings a week or a home care service bringing lunch. The front door can only be opened when you want it to.

And if your child should lose his/her key ring remote or you switch cleaning services, you can block the access authorisation or simply delete the remote control from your app.

3: Never forget your house key again.


Have you ever gone for a quick jog only to find out that you forgot to take your house key? Your key ring becomes irrelevant when you have your smartphone with you and the Homematic IP app. The app can be used to easily unlock the door and even open it at the same time if desired.

The door is also protected against unintended unlocking and opening via a PIN or a fingerprint.

4: Always a feeling of security.


"Did I lock the front door?" Thanks to scheduled locking and unlocking, this question is moot. You can schedule the front door to lock automatically at any desired time (e.g. 9 PM). This not only increases the security of your smart home, but it also saves you from having to go check the front door.

For those who want to play it safe, you can also then schedule the front door to unlock automatically. Schedules and delay times can be set via the app according to your requirements.

5: Versatile integration into your smart home.


And the greatest advantage: The smart door lock can be upgraded at any time with more than 100 products from our range or easily integrated into your existing system.

Create automations and you can have the lights in your house turn on when you unlock the front door; however, only when it's already dark. The combination of various products puts numerous options at your fingertips.

Product presentation

View the Homematic IP smart door lock video now.

The installation is extremely simple - no drilling or screwing. The door lock drive is not visible from the outside.

The electric door lock drive can be installed to the existing door lock - no drilling or screwing necessary. The drive is simply placed on the inside of the door on the available cylinder and can be removed without residue if necessary. Perfect for your house or flat.

  • Euro profile cylinder

  • Long escutcheon fitting or rosette plate

  • Knob or handle

  • Multi-point locking

Which requirements must my door meet?

For installation, the front door must have a standard profile cylinder with an emergency and hazard functionality. This means that the door lock can also be operated from the outside when a key is inserted into the cylinder on the inside. This ensures that the door can always be opened with a key from the outside.

The door lock drive can be used on doors with locks and bolts that move easily. This can be tested by locking and unlocking the door lock with the key and without using the door handle. Set the door hinges and/or the striking plate in the door frame so that locking and unlocking is smooth and easy with the key as described previously.

In addition, the lock cylinder must protrude 8 to 15 mm on the inside. This protrusion is required for the installation of the door lock drive.

Thanks to its battery operation (3 x 1.5 V LR6/Mignon/AA), now addition wiring is required.

Do I need other components from Homematic IP or is the door lock drive enough?

The door lock drive cannot be operated on its own. You also require a Homematic IP Access Point or a Central Control Unit for operation. This integration into the Homematic IP system opens up numerous connection options for other components.

The operation of the door lock drive requires a connection to one of the of the following solutions:

How can I unlock or lock the door from the inside?

Your door can be easily unlocked or locked via both buttons on the door lock drive as well as via the app.

In addition, the door lock can also be manually opened and closed at any time (emergency function).

Can the door lock be operated via a voice assistant?

It is currently possible to lock the door via the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What functions are available with the key ring remote control - access?

This handy key ring remote controls the Homematic IP Door Lock Drive, making it possible to unlock, lock and open the door. No Internet connection is required due to the direct connection.

The additional light button can also be used to turn the lights in the entrance area on or off, for example.

If the remove control is lost while not at home, it can be easily blocked via the app.

Can I operate the door from the outside without an Internet connection?

A connection to the cloud and thus an Internet connection is required to access the door lock via the Homematic IP app.

Using the key ring remote control - access, a direct connection to the Homematic IP door lock is possible. This means that in this case both components communicate directly with each other. This connection enables operation when there is no Internet connection. The quite long range of the remote control (up to 200 metres) enables you to open the door while walking towards it.

Naturally, your regular house key will continue to work. This only requires that your lock cylinder has an emergency and hazard functionality.

Is my personal data collected when using Homematic IP devices?

The Homematic IP cloud operates exclusively on German servers. In addition, Homematic IP also does not require the entry of personal data. Technical device data are saved anonymously. This makes it impossible to make any conclusions about the identity of the user as well as individual user behaviour.

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