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Comfortable voice control with Amazon Alexa

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Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
  • Easy and comfortable control of Homematic IP devices via voice command with Alexa-enabled devices
  • A wide variety of applications - for example, easy adjustment of the comfort temperature or switching and dimming of lights using voice commands like "Alexa, set the bathroom to 22°." or "Alexa, set living room light to 50%."
  • Control of single devices, device groups and features such as eco mode or alarm mode.
  • Supports integration of Homematic IP into Alexa routines
  • Please find further information here.

The voice-controlled Amazon Echo speakers allow the control of Homematic IP devices and functions easily and conveniently via voice command. For this purpose, in addition to the free Homematic IP app only an Amazon account, as well as the Amazon Alexa app on the smartphone are needed. The Homematic IP skill connects the Homematic IP devices with Alexa.

By voice command, it is then possible to control individual devices, groups and functions. The user can customise the comfort temperature, for example, or dim the light in the living room to a desired value without leaving the comfort of the couch. Homematic IP devices can also be integrated into Alexa routines. Thus, with only one voice command, several actions are started at the same time. For example, the light in the bedroom is set to a desired value in the morning, the favourite song is played while at the same time the shutters are moved up and the light in the bathroom is turned on.

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