Homematic IP Wall Thermostat

Several radiator thermostats or floor heating circuits can be controlled in one room.

Homematic IP Wall Thermostat Homematic IP Wall Thermostat Homematic IP Wall Thermostat Homematic IP Wall Thermostat Homematic IP Wall Thermostat Homematic IP Wall Thermostat
Homematic IP Wall Thermostat
Homematic IP Wall Thermostat
Homematic IP Wall Thermostat
Homematic IP Wall Thermostat
Homematic IP Wall Thermostat
Homematic IP Wall Thermostat


Individual temperature profiles are easily created via app – with up to 3 adjustable heating profiles and 13 changes per day. The temperature is regulated automatically and the heating is only switched on if necessary. The temperature can be precisely adjusted in steps of 0.5°C using the control wheel. With the boost function, rooms be heated up quickly at the push of a button.



The room temperature is controlled according to the individual needs of the user: directly on the device using the control wheel, via app, whether at home or on the road, or even via voice control (with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).



Measures the temperature and humidity and constantly transmits the data to the radiator thermostats in the room as well as to the Homematic IP app. In this way, the current temperature and humidity per room are continuously displayed in the app.



Easy installation without any wiring effort thanks to battery operation and radio communication. This allows the thermostat to be placed anywhere in the room in order to measure the room temperature at the right place. Conventional electric radiators can also be easily retrofitted in conjunction with the wall thermostat and a switch actuator for smart and precise control.



  • As the design can be flexibly combined, the wall thermostat can be fixed at almost every mounting location:
  • Adhesive or screw mounting in the supplied clipon frame with enclosed mounting material
  • Integration into existing switches with 55 mm frames of the the most common manufacturers
  • Installation on a free flush-mounted box with corresponding mounting plate Integration into Homematic IP Desk Stand (HmIPDS55) for increased battery lifetime
  • As an alternative to battery operation, the wall thermostat can also be supplied with 230 V via the Homematic IP Power Supply Unit for brand switches (HmIP-BPS)

The Homematic IP Wall Thermostat with Humidity Sensor is part of the Homematic IP smart home system and enables direct control of several Homematic IP Radiator Thermostats in one room. Furthermore, the device can be operated independent from the system for direct control of Homematic IP Floor Heating Actuators.

In this use case, no Homematic IP Access Point or Central Control Unit CCU2/CCU3 are necessary for installation and operation. Thanks to the radio communication, the wall thermostat and the floor heating actuator can be directly connected as no cables have to be laid. Compared to other floor heating control systems, the Homematic IP floor heating control offers less installation effort but at the same time includes the benefits of an intelligent heating control system with room-by-room control.

The wall thermostat with the dimensions of a light switch can be operated intuitively using the control wheel. The adjustable temperature can be defined precisely in 0.5 °C increments and is transferred automatically to the Homematic IP Radiator Thermostats or Floor Heating Actuators afterwards. If electrical heating devices are used, the temperature can be regulated via the Homematic IP Pluggable Switch.

The integrated illuminated display shows the setpoint and actual temperature as well as the humidity that is measured via the integrated sensor. If the boost mode is activated by pressing the control wheel shortly, all radiator valves are opened to 80 % for a period of 300 seconds. Thus, the room temperature is heated quickly. The display of the wall thermostat shows the countdown until the program for heating up is finished. In addition, the wall thermostat supports up to six adjustable profiles including individual temperatures, offering time-controlled regulation of the room temperature. Here, up to 6 heating and cooling phases with 13 switching times per day can be configured.

The Homematic IP Wall Thermostat is easy to install. Due to the power supply with two AAA batteries and the radio communication, the wall thermostat can be positioned anywhere in the room. The corresponding screws and plugs as well as a set of double-sided adhesive tape are supplied. If you plan to mount the wall thermostat on a corresponding flush-mounted box, you can find the suitable mounting holes on the mounting plate. Also, integration into multi-gang frames of other manufacturers is possible.

Technical Specifications
Supply voltage
2x 1.5 V LR03/Micro/AAA
Current consumption
50 mA max.
Battery life
2 years (typ.)
Degree of protection
Ambient temperature
0 to 35 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
without frame: 55 x 55 x 23.5 mm, incl. frame: 86 x 86 x 25 mm
100 g (incl. batteries)
Radio frequency band
868.0-868.6 MHz, 869.4-869.65 MHz
Typ. open area RF range
250 m
Ordering Informations
Product Name
Item Number
EAN Code
Dimesions incl. Packaging
122 x 112 x 48 mm
Weight incl. Packaging
205,9 g
Product Data Sheet
Declaration of conformity