Security and surveillance

Homematic IP’s security components make life difficult for burglars. Doors and windows send notifications as soon as they are opened unexpectedly – a quick glance at your smartphone is enough to check that everything is OK at home. Smoke alarms also ensure that fires are detected early. Smart home installations with Homematic IP give you a good sense of security all round. The system can be activated at any time when needed via the app or the Homematic IP Key Ring Remote Control. Users can select between the alarm functions “presence mode” and “absence mode”. If presence mode is activated, the system triggers an alarm as soon as windows or doors are opened, for example. With absence mode activated, sensors are also included for inside the home. Movements will then also be recorded, for example via motion detectors. In case of alarm, an audio signal can be triggered via a siren and a push notification can be sent to the homeowner’s smartphone. That way, you always know that, wherever you are in the world, everything is fine at home.

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