Shutters, blinds and awnings

Shutters and blinds darken rooms and ensure privacy while awnings protect against excessive solar radiation. In just a few simple steps, the shades can be set up and then automatically opened and closed with the Homematic IP app. Being able to control these while on the move is particularly handy, for unexpected things often happen while you are away, for example an imminent storm or the sudden onset of torrential rain. The Homematic IP window protection systems can be conveniently controlled via individual weekly profiles and also depending on the sunrise and sunset. In strong sunlight, the window protection systems can be lowered or shut automatically to prevent the room from heating up. The Homematic IP Blind Actuators also enable exact adjustment of the slat position. Another advantage: Active shutters and blinds increase security as they make the home appear lived in - even when the homeowner is on the other side of the world.

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