Your smart home for the perfect living environment

So, what exactly can your smart home do? With Homematic IP, you can automate all areas just the way you like: heating and climate control, light and shade, security and surveillance, weather and environment.

Full control over your heating to suit your personal preferences, saving up to 30 percent of your energy costs in the process. Plus, say goodbye to cold feet with our floor heating actuators.

Not only can our light control bring the sunrise to your bedroom with a wake-up light, it can also be tailored to your specific lighting requirements. Precise brightness adjustment, lighting profiles and remote control to round off your day as required. It can of course also be set up for shutters and blinds. What’s more, all Homematic IP devices for brand switches can be easily integrated into the design of existing switch series using our adapters.

Our security components ensure that users are informed whenever windows and doors are opened unexpectedly. Just a quick glance at the app is all it takes to check if everything is as it should be at home. Our weather sensors know exactly what the weather is like outside and can close the shutters in the case of storm for example.

Advantages and strengths of the innovative technology

Homematic IP builds on the strengths of Homematic, implements IPv6 – the next Internet protocol generation – in each device and therefore offers a solution tailored to the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to the open platform, the solution can be flexibly expanded at any time. Via the Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 all Homematic IP devices can also be integrated into and operated in an existing Homematic system.

As the devices communicate via radio, they can be retrofitted into houses really easily. All products communicate via the robust and reliable frequency of 868 MHz Homematic IP wireless protocol. There are no interferences caused by WLAN, Bluetooth or other radio standards operating within the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

Privacy policy

The entire solution can be intuitively set up via a free smartphone app (iOS or Android) and conveniently controlled via app, remote control as well as wall mounted push-button. Single devices are configured by the Homematic IP cloud service, which is run exclusively on servers located in Germany and therefore complies with European and German data protection guidelines.

All data stored in the Homematic IP cloud is completely anonymous. However, it does not permit any conclusion about the user’s identity and the individual usage behaviour. Furthermore, all communication between the Access Point, cloud and app is encrypted. As neither during nor after installation of the app you will need to provide private data such as name, email address or mobile phone number, the anonymity of users is protected 100%.

Long-term availability

We will be offering at least one product line of Homematic IP devices until at least 31/12/2030, and will be guaranteeing the same conditions in terms of the availability of core functions for this same period. This includes installation, configuration, start-up and operation (via various user interface devices, including selected smartphones). The way we will do this is by:

  • offering Access Point hardware plus a licensed cloud-based solution, and/or
  • offering a Central Control Unit solution to be operated and purchased by the customer, and/or
  • releasing the eQ-3 source code for an open source option for what will then be a generally available community solution,

with the corresponding paid solution provided by eQ-3 and/or a third party.

  • Voice control with Homematic IP

    Control your Smart Home comfortably via voice commands.

  • Comfort and energy-saving throughout the day

    Temperature ranges

    16°C 23°C

    Living and dining area: 23°C
    Kitchen: 21°C and in the Bathroom: 24°C
    Sleepin area: 16°C

    Note: Each degree of room temperature less lowers your heating costs by up to 3% and protects the environment.

    Good morning!


    06:00 - 08:00 am
    Heating for 2 hours in the bathroom and kitchen.

    Tip: Your bathroom is heated to pleasant 24 °C and your kitchen to 21 °C.

    See you later...


    08:00 am - 05:00 pm

    The eco mode saves energy while you’re absent: the temperature is lowered to 17 °C.

    Tip: A few hours at 17°C and during longer


    Welcome back.


    05:00 - 11:00 pm
    Heating up the kitchen, living and dining area to 23°C

    Tip: Enter your home that is regulated automatically to a comfortable temperature and let the day come to an end.

    Good night!


    11:00 pm - 06:00 am
    The temperature is reduced to 16 °C in the entire house.

    Tip: Reduce the energy consumption in the house and provide a pleasant temperature in your bedrooms.

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