Home security with Homematic IP

Feeling safe at home and always being able to check that everything is fine there while you are out and about is a great feeling. With Homematic IP, a quick glance at your smartphone is all it takes.

Homematic IP’s security solution is extremely easy to install and set up without any technical know-how. With it, you are literally on the safe side: your home is protected with just a touch of a button on your smartphone or a remote control. When the system is activated, window and door contacts immediately inform you when a window or door is opened unexpectedly. Motion detectors installed in the home or outside register movements and send an alarm message to your smartphone and/or activate a siren to deter intruders. If required, the home or outside lights can also be turned on automatically to increase the deterrent effect.

Smoke alarms detect dangerous smoke fumes and reliably sound the alarm in the case of a fire, helping to save lives. The automatic shutter control makes your home look lived in even when you are away, actively increasing security alongside the anti-burglary effects of shutters. In addition, complex security scenarios can be implemented via your smartphone with Homematic IP’s automation feature. Thus, the alarm can be activated when the humidity in a room exceeds a certain value or when the room temperature drops below a specified value. This means not only are you safe from intruders, but also from the worrying formation of mould and expensive frost damage.