Homematic IP in the office

Many companies are currently facing the challenge of reducing their operating costs in the long term – not an easy task when energy costs keep rising. Complex, costly and, above all, time-consuming building renovations are simply not an option for many companies. Easily integrated solutions that are user friendly and easy to retrofit, while also being inexpensive to buy, are what is needed. With Homematic IP, eQ-3 introduced a smart home system onto the market that meets all these requirements perfectly: the remote communication means the devices can be installed in the building’s structure without any elaborate intervention. The use of intelligent devices will significantly reduce the company’s energy costs – by up to 30 percent with heating control alone.

Conventional radiator thermostats are very easily replaced with remote-controlled Homematic IP Thermostats. These enable local or central control as needed and individually for each room. Using a smartphone app, the employer can quite simply create schedules based on employees’ working hours. The installed thermostats then control the temperature automatically as required. Further savings potential can be exploited by connecting the radiator thermostats to remote window contacts. If a window is opened, the heating in the room automatically lowers the temperature. As soon as the window is closed, the thermostat immediately resumes its preset heating program.

Even modern offices contain numerous devices that consume a relatively large amount of energy in standby mode. Remote pluggable switches enable these devices to be controlled in accordance with demand and energy efficiently using programmed times and rules. Once again, the employer can create fixed time profiles here via the app. Simply switching off automatically overnight and at weekends brings significant cost savings. This also applies to lighting control. At just the touch of a button, the lighting for all offices and business premises can be centrally activated and switched to night mode again after the close of business. Motion detectors ensure that corridors and other little-used areas are only lit on demand and for a specified period of time.

The intelligent Homematic IP system turns your office into a smart office – for improved energy efficiency and convenience. An environment that bosses and employees can feel happy with.