Independent living in the elderly with Homematic IP

The desire to remain mobile, self-reliant and independent marks today’s generation of pensioners more than ever. Most “best agers” over 65 want to continue living in their own four walls and many of them state quite confidently that they know their way around digital technology. Reason enough for many seniors to get to grips with the idea of a smart home. A home equipped with Homematic IP gives seniors a clear benefit in terms of security, comfort and convenience and the automation means that numerous everyday processes are simplified. One major advantage is that the system is extremely simple to set up and use – no technical know-how is needed.

Homematic IP allows you to heat every room in your home as needed and just how you like it. You can of course override the predefined settings at any time and change the temperature manually if you want it warmer or colder. And when you leave the house, the touch of a button is all it takes to lower the temperature, saving valuable energy. If the flat or house has window contacts fitted, the heating is also turned down automatically during ventilation. That way no energy is wasted heating the air outside. Cost savings of up to 30 percent are possible. Obviously Homematic IP is also ideal for controlling floor heating systems as well.

In addition to heating control, Homematic IP can also be used to turn the lights on or off in any room at any time so you can have the lighting just how you want it in your own personal space. All this can be done easily and conveniently from the comfort of your armchair using an app on your smartphone or a remote control. Automatic shutter and awning control also has numerous advantages, in particular for people with limited mobility. In addition, with Homematic IP’s security solutions, you can always be sure that everything is fine at home. Motion detectors indicate when someone enters the property at unusual times and window contacts raise the alarm straight away when a door or window is opened unexpectedly. That way, you can feel completely safe all the time, whether at home or out and about.