Light and shutter control with Homematic IP

Homematic IP allows you to turn lighting control in your home into a veritable experience. The touch of a finger on your smartphone is all it takes – the lights in several rooms (depending on your configuration) turn on or off at the same time. Complex lighting situations can be set up intuitively using a free app in just a few steps.

Get up in the mornings to a simulated sunrise – it makes getting out of bed so much easier. How does it work? Simply create a time profile for the pluggable switch of the bedside lamp in the app and increase the light intensity over a definable period of time – done. And isn’t it a nice idea to come home to a cosy, welcoming atmosphere with warm lighting on a grey November day? Or how about creating the ideal setting for a night in front of the TV at the push of a button from the sofa? The blinds will close automatically and the lights will be dimmed. You can even set up shutter or awning control based on the weather conditions or on sunrise and sunset. An astro function incorporated in the app makes this possible. When you get up in the mornings, the light in the hallway comes on automatically on your way to the bathroom. And off again as you enter the bathroom. It’s convenient and energy-saving.

Whether you have ceiling, free-standing or wall lights, there are suitable switching actuators and dimmers available for every area.