Shutter, blind and awning control with Homematic IP

Window protection systems such as shutters and blinds darken rooms, ensure privacy and increase security. Awnings protect terraces or conservatories against excessive solar radiation, ensuring a comfortable temperature even at the height of summer. Being able to control these shades automatically is really handy – for example, while you are out since things often happen in your absence that make this necessary. For example, an imminent storm or the sudden onset of torrential rain. With the Homematic IP technology, sudden changes in the weather are no longer a problem: using a smartphone app you can put down your awning or close the shutters – from anywhere in the world.

Shades equipped with suitable motors can be automatically and conveniently controlled in various ways using Homematic IP shutter and blind actuators. Shutter profiles in the app enable time and weather-specific automatic control. For example, you can open and close your shutters automatically with the sunrise and sunset. This even makes it look like someone is at home when you are away – an added bonus for security. Numerous other functions can be implemented in conjunction with other Homematic IP components, increasing convenience and security. In combination with the window controller, lockout protection prevents the shutters from being inadvertently closed when the balcony or terrace door is open. An escape function ensures that all shutters and blinds are raised and opened automatically when a Homematic IP Smoke Alarm goes off. And, combined with a wall thermostat, shutters and blinds can be raised and opened as required using the heat protection function so that the room temperature stays at a comfortable level even in strong sunlight.

Setting up shutter groups in the app means several or all shutters and blinds can be conveniently raised/opened or closed/shut simultaneously – via the app, push-buttons or a Homematic IP Remote Control, all without ever leaving your seat. Homematic IP Blind Actuators even enable the precise adjustment of the slat position, ensuring optimal shade conditions.