Voice control with Homematic IP

Alexa, turn on the hall light.

OK Google, set the temperature in the bathroom to 23°C.

Fancy being able to switch on the light on demand and set the perfect temperature without lifting a finger? By incorporating smart speakers with integrated voice assistant, the features of many Homematic IP devices can already be conveniently controlled using voice commands. In addition to light and heating control, switching groups also make it possible to open and close shutters for example. A voice command is often quicker than reaching for a smartphone, opening the app and manually entering the desired temperature – an added convenience that people of all ages will appreciate.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s speakers supporting voice control, such as the Amazon Echo, enable convenient control of Homematic IP devices and features from the comfort of the sofa. For the basic configuration, the user sets up an Amazon account and installs the Amazon Alexa app on their smartphone. The devices can then be controlled easily using the Homematic IP skill stored in the app. The basis of voice control via Amazon Alexa is already widespread giving users numerous options for commands and controls.

Google Assistant

Voice control via Google can be used with the Google Home speaker, the Google smart watch, or even directly via the Google Assistant smartphone app. Basic configuration is done by setting up a Google account, installing the Google Home app and then activating the Homematic IP services available in it. Voice commands such as “OK Google, set the temperature in the bathroom to 25°C” or “OK Google, turn on the reading light” are possible. The range of available scenarios for the Google voice assistant continues to expand all the time.