Leer, 01.10.2018

24/7 video surveillance via the free Homematic IP smartphone app

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Leer, 13.04.2018

New starter set alarm

The new starter set alarm evens works offline!

The advanced Homematic IP Security solution now comes along with a new starter set. The new starter set alarm consists of a Homematic IP Access Point, a Motion Detector with brightness sensor – indoor, a Window and Door Contact – optical as well as an Alarm Siren. Together, these devices offer reliable monitoring and alarming – even in case of Internet failure! Once activated, the sensors trigger an alarm even if the Homematic IP Access Point or the router may be destroyed. Via the Homematic IP Key Ring Remote Control – alarm you can also deactivate the alarm mode, if there is no connection to the Access Point.

Leer, 10.04.2018

Homematic IP Water Sensor coming in late July

This new smart device protects your home from water damage

You just wanted to do the washing quickly and then this happens: the basement is suddenly flooded. A scenario that happens quite frequently – for washing machine hoses seem to like breaking. Those who worry about water damage at home can soon relax: in late July, eQ-3 will be launching the long-awaited Homematic IP Water Sensor on the market. This smart device detects even the smallest of leaks reliably. With battery operation and spring-mounted measuring probes, the device can be used flexibly in any location within the home – perfect for basements, kitchens and bathrooms. If the water level reaches more than 1.5 millimetres, the sensor immediately sends a notification to the homeowner’s smartphone. A loud alarm is also triggered via an integrated siren. This can be a real salvation in emergencies: after all, water damage is a widely [...]

Leer, 23.03.2018

Homematic IP Wired explanatory video

Interested in learning more about Homematic IP Wired?

We have put together two videos for you!

Leer, 18.03.2018

For our smart home experts, and those still trying to become experts, we will be launching a new central control unit this year. The CCU3 is a true all-rounder! Here we have listed some of the highlights for you: