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Homematic IP Wired

Homematic IP Wired - The next smart home dimension

With this product range, we are bringing a complex solution onto the market which sets as yet unparalleled standards in home control. With Homematic IP Wired – as the name suggests – the devices communicate with one another through wired connections. This feature entails significant benefits, such as a high fault tolerance level, durability and immunity to interference in particular. The direct connection also makes the high speed transmission of data possible.

Despite the complex technology within the smart devices, Homematic IP Wired is extremely easy to control. This is a huge advantage for you as the end consumer and also for specialist companies. With Homematic IP Wired, you now have the ability to benefit from the emerging industry transformation as well. The devices are compatible with the Homematic IP wireless components and also with the classic Homematic solution (using a Central Control Unit CCU3). Combining the various product lines opens up whole new possibilities for building automation – both upon the first installation and when upgrading at a later date. Last but not least, the installation is worth it on cost grounds too: With Homematic IP, for the first time a new build can be equipped with smart home technology cheaper than with conventional electronics. This makes the system the ideal solution for your home.

Freedom of choice with Homematic IP Wired installation

In order to offer you various options, we have made the installation of Homematic IP Wired possible in two ways: On the one hand, the system can be installed using a purely local smart home Central Control Unit, the CCU3, in combination with the Homematic IP Wired Access Point. Configuration is then done easily via a web browser. In the second version, the wired system, as with the Homematic IP wireless solution, is operated via the Homematic IP cloud: For this, users connect to the cloud via the Homematic IP Wired Access Point. You can then configure and operate your system using the free smartphone app for iOS or Android locally from home or from anywhere else in the world.

Fault-tolerant, particularly durable home and building bus system

Homematic IP Wired is extraordinarily durable as regards sources of interference and enables the secure transmission of data at all times. The topology of the bus system through which the individual components are connected can be structured virtually as required. This means that even ambitious plans from professional installers can be implemented. For example, the Homematic IP Wired bus supports the ring topology structure in which the bus goes from the Access Point on from one to the next device and then back to the Access Point again. If the line is broken at any point, the ring topology is automatically converted to two independent bus lines so that the devices continue to operate without any delays. In addition to safety certification from the German Electrotechnology Association (VDE), we make no compromises when it comes to data protection either: The entire operation of Homematic IP Wired – regardless of whether via the cloud and app or the smart home Central Control Unit – does not require the provision of any personal data. Like Homematic IP, the system works completely anonymously and respects your privacy in an exemplary manner.

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