Leer, 13.04.2018

New starter set alarm

The new starter set alarm evens works offline!

The advanced Homematic IP Security solution now comes along with a new starter set. The new starter set alarm consists of a Homematic IP Access Point, a Motion Detector with brightness sensor – indoor, a Window and Door Contact – optical as well as an Alarm Siren. Together, these devices offer reliable monitoring and alarming – even in case of Internet failure! Once activated, the sensors trigger an alarm even if the Homematic IP Access Point or the router may be destroyed. Via the Homematic IP Key Ring Remote Control – alarm you can also deactivate the alarm mode, if there is no connection to the Access Point.

The advanced Homematic IP security solution complements a second alarm mode: in the pro mode, the presence and absence mode can only be activated, if all sensors are in normal mode and within the radio range. This mode announces at the same time, if the system is ready for operation. If, for example, a window is still open, this is directly displayed in the app.

The security solution also enables the integration of Homematic IP Smoke Alarms, which can be used as an extension of the alarm.

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